Protecting Our Enviroment.

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Today any central air conditioner or heat pump manufactured in North America must contain R-410A refrigerant if the unit is charged during the manufacturing process. The refrigerant, R-410A, was developed in response to an agreement between numerous countries (known as the Montreal Protocol) that stated those countries around the world would move towards discontinuing the use of hydrochlorofluorcabon-based (HCFC) refrigerants. HCFC’s are widely accepted to be ozone-depleting chemical compounds. R-410A refrigerant, a non-HCFC bases refrigerant, is chlorine free. We need to reduce our carbon footprint. One way of accomplishing that goal is energy efficient equipment and environmentally friendly refrigerant.

What’s really interesting is if you replace your central air conditioning, let´s say that’s over 12 years old, you can reduce around 2 tons of coal being burned at the power plant by replacing your unit with a new central air. It’s a win, win situation because you save around 50% off your air conditioning bills and the power plant saves money by not having to use back-up power systems during peak times. The most beneficial part is our earth is being protected because we are protecting the ozone with R410A.

Thursday March 17th, 2011#